906 – Please smile, and then shed tears

I am sharing some pictures with you. All these animals are so quirky and funny. They feel unthreatened by us. However, the capybaras in the wetlands have propagated their families too much. The wetlands are diminishing and now they have introduced the jaguars to reduce their numbers by eating them.

Iguanas are exported and then when the people who keep them as pets find it difficult to maintain them, they abandon them. Frozen iguanas have been found in many European countries.

Turtles are in abundance, and they also are kept as pets and then left on the streets. Even the armadillos are kept as pets. Lastly, we have the racoons which are proliferating because of us and the food we leave around. One sees a great many of them in Iguazu falls and they are fearless, where women are concerned.

They just grab their bags, knowing that there may be a sandwich in them. I was chased by a racoon because I had a bag. Lastly the lovely cacti, which grow are also diminishing. They enable water conservation.

My point of view is that we are ruining the environment. We are singlehandedly to blame for the destruction and pillage of mother earth. If only we considered all these creatures and foliage as precious as ourselves, we would be living in a better planet.

Aim Hrim Klim

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