927 – Whom do these ten attributes belong to?

  1. Jnana, knowledge or wisdom. Who witnesses everything? Who watches everyone? Who never gets lost in the world of Prakriti (nature)? Who watches the work of Prakriti? Who is never under the spell of Maya (illusion)? Who is an observer possessing Jnana?
  2. Aishwarya the source of all wealth and prosperity. Who is the source of this? Who bestows this on us?
  3. Vairagya is non-attachment. Who is not attached to anyone? Who is neutral and unbiased? Who gives attention to all? Who treats everyone as equals? Who has no attachment to anyone?
  4. Bala (strength) and samarthya (capability): Who is all powerful and can do anything in the universe? Who is the inspirer of all creatures?
  5. Sampati (wealth), Samrddhi (prosperity) and Dhana (riches). Who grants all this to us? Who makes one free from lack in life?
  6. Yash (success) and Kirti (glory). Who gives one success and glory.

Who gives one the four attributes that all individuals possess?
Senses, pranas, the body and the mind.

Dear ones, it is God. God is present everywhere in all the creatures, the flora and fauna, the planets and in all the universes.

Awaken your awareness and be thankful.

Aim Hrim Klim


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