942 – Gems

Who does not love gems? Before one goes into writing more about their beauty, one must understand what they are. Gems are rocks and resins. Some take thousands of years to become gems. Gems are considered very powerful in their energy to influence one – and from time immemorial Kings and Queens have possessed them for protection and good fortune.

I will list eight gemstones for bringing good luck.

  1. Amethyst is well known for its healing properties. It induces a sense of calmness and confidence. Its color is purple and purple is considered a spiritual color. It comes under the influence of Saturn (Shani). Shani dispenses with injustice.
  2. Agate is under the influence of the Moon, the lord of love and life. It protects one from the evil eye and jealousy. Its color ranges from white, grey, yellowish brown and reddish brown.
  3. Amazonite enables one to see things in the right perspective. It is under the rule of Uranus. Amazonite’s color ranges from light green to greenish blue or bluish green.
  4. Citrine is recognized as the gemstone of Jupiter. It has physical healing properties. It grants wisdom and restores harmony and wisdom. Its color is yellow.
  5. Peridot is under the influence of Mercury. It enables one to have a successful career. It works on one’s energy and grants positivity. Peridot’s color ranges from green to yellow.
  6. Quarz falls under the domain of Venus. It has a special influence on love and life. Its color ranges from transparent, pink, orange, smoky, purple, green and black.
  7. Turquiose falls under the influence of two Planets, Jupiter and Venus. It works on the mind and the heart. Its color speaks for itself.
  8. Tiger eye is regarded as the third eye of crystal. It wards off evil and is under the domain of Mercury and the Sun. It is recognized as a gemstone for career and success. It looks like a tiger’s eye.

Faith in the gem

I have given a list of affordable gem stones. My experience is dear ones, that when one has faith in the gem, be it of plastic, glass or rock, it works. Astrologers suggest substitutes for the stones and sometimes, we can be misguided by overspending.

There are ranges in the quality of the stones. It is our belief which guides us and if have a rosary of one of these gemstones and we believe it to be real, it works. Chant with your mantra and you will be at peace.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Jeff W on Unsplash

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