023 – About our fears

Yesterday it rained buckets and Delhi was flooded. The airport had knee deep water. We have floods regularly in India. And as a child it always worried me that there was so much water everywhere and not a drop to drink in many places.

My sister and I were the only ones in our school to arrive even on a rainy day, when we had to wade through water. Once when it was raining cats and dogs as the English say, just outside our school gate we saw a huge rat snake. The snake went past us and we watched open mouthed. I was ten and my sister was thirteen.

I am a disciple of Shiva, but even before I was aware of him, I looked out for snakes. We had many snakes in our garden, Cobras, green snakes and the gentle rat snake. The snakes want to be left in peace and they just gracefully disappear. If you see a snake on a branch, pause and admire its perfect balance. It is stretched across. If it is a green snake, you may miss it. It can become an enlightened moment for us, seeing a still snake.

Governed by our fears

We are governed by our fears, take the corona virus for example. There are persons I know who have not stepped out of their homes. We must wear masks, we must be vaccinated and not infect others and have faith that we will remain well. Fear can rule our lives and that is the reason why the Goddess uses the abhaya mudra to enable us and give us divine protection.

Aim Hrim Klim.


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