022 – Today is Ganesha Chaturthi

And it is Friday again, the day of the Goddess. Sati was the first goddess and she was the daughter of Daksha. She was madly in love with Shiva but her father did not approve of his boisterous friends. She got married to Shiva and Daksha disowned her.

He organised a major Yagna and he did not invite Sati and Shiva. It was a puja to which all the gods were invited. Sati’s heart was broken and she begged Shiva to take her. He refused and then Sati stood next to him and from her emerged the ten most powerful goddesses.

Ten Mahavidyas

Each Goddess was an individual entity and could create the universe. They surrounded Shiva, who was bedazzled and overwhelmed by Sati’s divinity. These Goddesses are the Das Mahavidyas. He agreed as he had no choice. They went to the function and Sati saw there was no seat for her. She was humiliated and heart broken, and she jumped into the Yagna fire. There was mayhem, Shiva plunged into the sacred fire and carried Sati’s body on his shoulder.

Sati is the divine mother, the source of the Shakti in the universe. We worship the individual Ten Mahavidyas, who are emanating from her. Shiva and Sati are united through creation, preservation and destruction.

Ganesha was created by Parvati as she wanted a little boy. And so the stories of the cosmos go on. Each story has a lesson and we have to find it ourselves. Parvati and Shiva with their two sons, Ganesha and Kartike are a perfect family. They are compassionate and have a heart which melts when we meditate upon them undemandingly. They know what we need.

Aim Hrim Klim.

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