024 – Who does not love elephants

Elephants are venerated and treated with respect. Feed an elephant a dozen bananas and you will be surprised how quickly she can eat them, twelve dozen bananas are a better bet. And I have done that.

According to ancient Sanskrit tales, elephant had wings.They would fly around, showering the earth with sprays of water from their trunks. The elephants were very playful, and loved spraying children with water. The children would clap their hands with joy when this happened. However one day the elephants got very enthusiastic and they saw this ancient wise man deep in meditation. He was covered with leaves and you could almost miss him. Elephants have sharp eyes and they sprayed him. The hermit was so angry that he cursed them and said that they would no longer be flying elephants and their home would be on land.

When Shiva cut off baby Ganesha’s head, he finally put an Elephant head on him. Ganesha is god who removes all our obstacles. We celebrated his birthday on Friday.

Aim Hrim Klim.


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