025 – Love, serve, give

Loving is unconditional. We give love in order to receive love. Whatever we do is guided by our conditional love. It is wonderful when you are in love, but what happens when it is unrequited love.

The love the gopis have for Krishna is in the making and churning of the butter, milking the cows and devotion to him. This love overtakes us and we feel cherished. It is love without conditioning, like a mother’s love for her child. I have a wild cat and she lives in my balcony. She has had kittens and she is committed to raising them. It has been raining very hard in Delhi and she refuses to accept my shelter. So she carries them to a place where they remain dry and keeps changing the place. I feed her and she comes for her breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner and then goes back to them. It is Mother Nature who is taking care of them and then how does a cat know where to take her kitties, away from danger. In fact this cat has been raised on Meeow, and is non violent, she has never killed a mouse or a bird.

Serve, does it mean we serve our family and friends. No it does not, it means serve people who do not know that we are serving them. It is service performed with a neutral spirit and conducted with utmost excellence. You can serve the poor but are you doing it to exhaust your karmas or are you doing it because you saw that they are hungry.

Give is not giving your friends and family gifts. That is mutual reciprocation. You give to persons who do not acknowledge your munificence, and they are happy to have a jacket or something they needed but did not know about. The joy of giving frees you and makes you light and carefree.

And in the end we always come back to reducing our karmic overload by loving, serving, giving unconditionally.

The Goddess is always overseeing us and when we go on this path, she enables us to do more and more. Whatever we receive we are elated and joyous.

Aim Hrim Klim


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