860 – Who am I?

I know dear ones what you are thinking. Do I love unconditionally or conditionally. Look around you.

Who loves you unconditionally? Shall I tell you? A dog. A dog serves you, wakes you up in the morning, makes you feel good and loved. Never makes demands on you and is always understanding if the meal is delayed. If you accidentally step on the dog, it will lick you and say I know that you did it unintentionally. Continue reading

476 – Great gurus say: love, serve and give

It is a very powerful sentence. Love automatically refers to one being kind and generous to the loved one. Serve means that one is happy to serve a loved one. Lastly giving one’s loved one makes one happy. The answer here is that to love, serve and give completely to all.

Do everything in love. – Corinthian 16:14

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