026 – What is our will power

How do we develop it? I have learnt through the blessings of my master and his blessings led me to the worship of the Mother Goddess that sadhana is the answer.

All the gurus state that we must develop willpower and one pointed concentration through yogic practices. How do we do this? It is a biggie. Many of us are born with no self control and we give in to our desires, passions continuously. It is like quenching our unquenchable thirst at the fountain of temptation. We all succumb to it and it manipulates and works on our thoughts. It leads to distortion of ideas, envy, avarice, greed etc. It is easy to say that we should develop a concentrated mind and then we can develop our will power. A distracted mind cannot develop will power.

Sadhana for developing one pointed concentration

Step 1. We close our eyes. Listen to the sound of our breath.
Step 2. Count our breath. “1 – I am breathing in.” “1 – I am breathing out.” Do this 11 times. You are aware of the sound of your breath, you are concentrating on the counting.
Step 3. Now you will repeat the practice but you will count your breath backwards 27 times. It is “27 – I am breathing in, 27 – I am breathing out.” No errors in the counting. You will have to start again if you become distracted.
Step 4. Add “so” to inhalation, and “ham” to exhalation. It is “So – 27 I am breathing in, Ham – 27 I am breathing out.” Now you are practicing awareness of your breath, concentrating on the counting and the mantra So Ham.
Do this several times a day.

It will enable you to become centred, focused and to change your behaviour. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. You will feel the change yourself.

Thursday is the Gurus’ rememberance day.

Aim Hrim Klim


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