027 – Our feelings are expressed through the heart

To experience the love of God, we have to experience neutrality of our feelings. We have to learn to be non-reactive and non judgemental. Our feelings comprise love, hate, passion, jealousy, anger, greed, gratitude and sacrifice. Our feelings are felt but not seen. They influence us and play with our emotions. Sometimes we are obsessed by them and then they influence our behaviour. They encourage our thoughts to multiply.

All these feelings are called bhava, and it is an expression of the heart. In order to understand the relationship between the heart and the universe, we have to understand that god is is the centre of the universe. It is only through the eye of the heart you can see God. Without a heart we are not aware of him, and God is the centre of the inner soul. Our heart is fully developed, and in order to connect with God, we have to develop detached awareness. This is accomplished by working on our concentration and will power.

A simple way is of being connected to our breath by visualising the breath flowing in and out of our nostrils. and counting backwards from 27 to 1. Adding a mantra makes it even more effective. You can chose Om, So Ham, Aim Hrim Klim. The outcome is that your feelings become neutral and are positive and proactive.

Your thoughts are less conflicting and cannot influence you.

Aim Hrim Klim


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