065 – How do we learn to love

Love is a beautiful word. It makes us think of all the wonderful things in the world. Our heart becomes large and we glow with the thought. We love so many things in our life. When we speak about love, our expression changes and we glow. When we speak about anger, we scowl.

Close your eyes and think of all the things that you care about. It is like looking into a treasure chest. Memories upon memories, it is a kaleidoscope. Open your eyes and think about unconditional love. Your soul has unconditional love for you and it resides in your heart. What is unconditional love, a parents’ love. No expectation is there when a baby is born. Having a kitten or a puppy, which is totally dependent on you.

Similarly daily prayers to God to attain his/her grace. Nothing happens without God’s grace. God is captivated by your feelings and sincerity. God is only reached by love and devotion. You do not need to use your mind, you have to be genuine and you will have his/her grace. Your genuineness and sincerity is manifest in your compassion and empathy for others. Again the comparison given is a mother’s love, who sacrifices all for her child. Be yourself, positive and see the others as you see yourself. Let your thoughts become neutral, with your breathing.

“Leaving aside all the relations
Rama always prefers the relation of love.”
Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

Aim Hrim Klim.


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