070 – If you are weak willed, what should you do

In my life of teaching Yoga, I have come across many people who are weak willed. It is written and said that we must have a strong will. It is easier said than done. We have a restless mind. We are distracted and therefore lose our focus. I found that a daily lesson was very beneficial.

Addicts who have lost their willpower are ready to come to a session. A simple practice of a joyful meditation helps them to center themselves for the time being. When I was working with addicts, I noticed that they were very enthusiastic about my lesson. It was because I gave them a positive visualisation where they were accepted by their family and friends and were treated with respect. It was a lengthy process, but it worked and they became optimistic about their life. Hope is very powerful and it enables us to accomplish many things.

Now we come to the rest of us. We are in search of peace and serenity, but it is not possible for us to stop thinking. We are weak and we are also influenced by the compulsions of society. I tell my students to practice, but some of them make the excuse that they just do not find the time. Understanding has to come from within and therefore we suddenly find that we are helpless in a situation. What do we do?

A daily practise for willpower

We dwell on it and our mind is crowded with thoughts. Ajapa Japa is a practice which means chanting from the heart. It is a spontaneous practice. You visualise your breath rising from the navel to the throat and descending from the throat to the navel. Here you are watching your prana rising and falling. This prana is food for your thoughts. Therefore you are doing the practice effortlessly. All Gurus insist on a daily practice as it strengthens your willpower which then works on your wellbeing.

Aim Hrim Klim


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