069 – How do we purify our mind

Swami Sivanananda said that by helping others we are cleansing our mind. When we give money to charity, it is used for medicines, food, clothes, education and whatever else is necessary. If we give something to someone, we are purifying our mind.

Even you go to a temple, you are worshipping yourself. You only see yourself as a young wo/man, doctor, lawyer, businessman or a clerk. Therefore you will not be able to see yourself as god as you are convinced that you are a woman. You worship Shiva because you are convinced he is God. However when your heart is pure, a mirror begins to shine and shows that God is within you.

“A sage’s heart is as soft as freshly churned butter.’ As ordinary persons our hearts are moved by the people we know. We are concerned about our loved ones and our friends. However if you can feel concern for a total stranger, then it is called Paropkara, working for the welfare of others. And this purifies your soul. The impartial individual practicing her/his yogic sadhana sees all individuals in her/him/self and her/him/self in all living beings.”

Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

Awareness of others and acknowledging their visibility.

Aim Hrim Klim


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