093 – In search of yourself

There are three attitudes that control our actions. These are the three gunas, which are sattwic, rajasic and tamasic. When our mind is changing, it goes through these phases. These three gunas interface in our universe and with us all the time. Our mind in its infancy is tamasic and its ultimate experience is sattwic. Our nature goes through trials and tribulations and these result in the development of the gunas.

An individual with a tamasic mind views the world with disgust and contempt. If s/he meets a saint s/he will say he is a thief and a trickster. An individual with a rajasic mind on meeting a saint would say that the saint is an opportunist, s/he views the world in this selfish way of self -benefit. An individual with a sattwic mind views everyone as decent.

Our experiences are controlled by the quality of our mind. We have to be receptive to change. Sorrow can make us bitter, or optimistic. In the nature of my work, I have come across all kinds of people. Some use their misfortunes as a stepping stone and some have difficulty coming out of the well of sadness. Bitterness is corrosive for us, and it changes our appearance. A smile radiating from our eyes makes our surrounding look better.

Establish your equilibrium

A simple practice, visualize your breath going in through your left nostril as blue, and exhaling also see it as blue. 11 times, left nostril. Now visualize your breath going through your right nostril as red. 11 times, right nostril. Now visualize your breath as golden going through both nostrils 54 times. The breath in the left nostril works on your thoughts, the breath in the right nostril works on your vitality. When both nostrils are unblocked, your equilibrium is established. Remember to always count backwards.

Aim Hrim Klim


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