615 – The Creator is within you

There are seven seas within this water pot (body)
Some are sweet, some are salty.
In this body there are nine hundred thousand jewels,
Some are emeralds, some are diamonds, some are pearls.
O avadhoot! There is blinding darkness within this pot.
The creator is within. – Kabirdas

Having become the fire of life, as Vaishvanara, I (atma) reside in the body of all living beings, and united with Prana and Apana, it is I who digest and assimilate the four kinds of food. – Bhagavad Gita (15:14) Sri Krishna

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285 – Develop a healthy respect for your food

Eat your food with bhavana (feeling), as a blessing. When you eat your meal, develop respect for what you are eating. Pause and think where your food came from. Where did the wheat grow for your bread, how was it harvested? How many persons were involved in the process? Were they happy when they were involved in the task? Were their stomachs full? The vegetables on your plate where did they grow? Did they receive sunshine, or did they grow under plastic? Continue reading

093 – In search of yourself

There are three attitudes that control our actions. These are the three gunas, which are sattwic, rajasic and tamasic. When our mind is changing, it goes through these phases. These three gunas interface in our universe and with us all the time. Our mind in its infancy is tamasic and its ultimate experience is sattwic. Our nature goes through trials and tribulations and these result in the development of the gunas. Continue reading