110 – Reflections

Wisdom lies in taking a decision,
When calamity befalls one.
When one takes no decision,
Calamity befalls at every step.

What is religion? Compassion on living beings;
What is happiness? Freedom from disease;
What is affection? Good feeling for all;
What is learning? Discrimination;

One should abandon another,
For the sake of a family,
A family for the sake of the village,
A village for the sake of a country,
And the whole world for one’s own sake.

Better to live in a forest full of tigers and elephants,
Wherein under the trees,
One has ripe fruit and water,
Grass as a bed and leaves as garments,
But not without wealth amongst the relatives.

Glass in contact with gold,
Assumes the brilliance possessed by an emerald,
Likewise in contact with the virtuous,
A fool attains efficiency.
Take one reflection and contemplate on it.

From “The Hitopadesha”

Aim Hrim Klim


Photo by Patrick T’Kindt on Unsplash

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