109 – Why the lotus is a special flower

In the Gita there are many mentions of the Lotus and its leaves. Krishna said that if we dedicated our lives to the service of God, we would be uncontaminated by evil and compared us to a lotus leaf, which is dirt-free. It is always spotless.

In our scriptures there are many comparisons with the lotus plant. God’s divine body has been given many appellations. Charan Kamal means lotus like feet. Kamalekshana means lotus petal like eyes, kar kamal means lotus like hands. Another word used for the lotus flower is Pankaj which means born from mud. The chakras are described as lotuses. When we start working on the process of balancing our prana, and it starts flowing piercing the chakras, the chakras open.

Lotus is tamasic, rajasic and sattvic

The lotus flower grows from the mud found at the bottom of the lake and it comes out of the muddy and murky water pristine in its beauty and fragrance. When the lotus is in the mud it is compared to our tamasic state. Our nature is likened to the unhygienic and gross quality of the water. Then it grows and the stem emerges from the depth, our temperament is described as rajasic, fiery and ambitious. The stem is seeking the sun. We are rajasic when we are ruthless and governed by ambition. Then the bud flowers and opens. This is described as sattvic, when we are rid of impurities in our mind and have become devoid of greed and temptation. The lotus leaf is large and they float on the water.

They are used as plates as they are waterproof. This happens because the lotus leaf has fine hairs growing on its surface, and the water drains off the side. Therefore Krishna said that the karma yogi is untouched by sin like the lotus leaf as he is working under the direction of the divine guidance. The lotus leaf is unsullied and is an exquisite green and so is his conscience radiant and crystal clear.

Aim Hrim Klim


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