111 – Who does not love their Mums

Our first memory is of our mother, her touch, her unconditional love, and her sacrifices. Devi is the mother of creation. She is the divine mother and is the benevolent power of the lord or the creative energy. We go to our mother for fulfillment of our needs. She nourishes us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The cosmic mother is represented with ten weapons in her hands. She sits on a lion. She represents the three gunas, the attributes which comprise the universe, sattwa, rajas and tamas. In the Rig Veda Samhita, in the Devi Sukta she is described as Vak, (speech) and acknowledged as the Mother, the Shakti of the Lord. Shakti is the embodiment of power. She is Maya and the ring master of the circus in the universe. There is no difference between her and God. We are worshippers of Shakti. She is present everywhere. She is nature herself. She grants us material prosperity and spiritual independence. She loves simplicity, honesty and a pure heart. You can ask her for anything and she will grant it for you.

Going with my Mother to „hell“

I remember as a child, I never let my mother out of my sight. I would catch her saree pallu and not let go. I come from a large family, five siblings and I was the youngest and most bullied. One day my poor mother was going to the doctor and I asked her where are you going. She said “Jehannum” (which means hell) and I said please take me with you. Jehannum is an urdu word used very frequently in Lucknow, a city, with strong muslim influence in India. It was a word used to describe exasperation, irritation and anger. My gentle mother was sick and I guess she did not want a limpet hanging on to her. Anyway I went to the doctor with her and she bought me an ice cream afterwards because she would never have used such a word. So for me hell was a great place.

The divine mother always listens to our genuine demands and she does expect you to be in your finest when you pray to her. She has no objections, if you are menstruating and you offer her your worship. In every temple there is always a statue of mother and all the Gurus pray and venerate her. After all, who gave birth to us, our mothers. Please give or send frequent hugs to your mums and remember all the wonderful things they did for you, always putting themselves last. Devi does not belong to any religion, she is the conscious power of god.

Aim Hrim Klim

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