123 – How the corona virus changed me

Devi Mahatmyam

It is interesting how we all blame the other persons for spreading the Corona Virus. 2020 started and I went to apply for my Schengen visa. Nobody thought then that it was such a terrible virus. I got a call that no visas were being issued and therefore I could not go for my seminars. I was upset as I love giving seminars. Then the virus started spreading like wild fire. So little was known about this.

In June 2020, my dachshund, Flash who was 15 years old, died. A month before he passed away, he was sniffing my ankles all the time. He was not a sniffer and I wondered if I was smelling like a cat or some stinky thing. Dachshunds are hunting dogs and they have a great sense of smell. In the meanwhile I developed very severe pain in my spine and I thought maybe he was trying to tell me something. The pain got so acute, I had to go the hospital for an emergency surgery as I had a tumour in my spine. The surgery happened after he passed on. He was so considerate even in his death. Our main concern was always if either was hospitalized, he would have to go the dog spa. In times of covid, the spa was not too keen to take dogs. In the hospital, I was put into the pediatric ward, as it was completely sanitized against infections. After the surgery, I had to visit the hospital frequently as I had to have check-ups.

Well, let us look at the bright side.

I got excellent treatment. My husband and I did not realise how serious it was. He was there for me. Our sons do not live in India. And if I had been in Germany and this problem had arisen, how tough it would have been for everybody. Also my seminars had been cancelled because of covid. I had to rest. The NGO I run was also closed as were most places under lockdown. I could recuperate without feeling upset that I was letting my students down. I did a lot of spiritual study, and I was gifted an engraved copy of the Devi Mahatmyam. You can see it above.

The Devi Mahatyam is a Sanskrit text describing the Goddess as the supreme power and creator of the universe. I saw the book on Amazon and I wished that I could have it. It was way beyond my budget and it was so beautiful. I spoke to the author Dr. Sandeep Joshi and said that I was a Devi Bhakta. I was full of admiration for his exquisite book. I told him that I was a disciple of Swami Satyananda Saraswati. He said that he would give me the book as a gift. We went to pick up this bejeweled book. It was a gift from Ma herself.

All this happened last year. TORCH, also started operating again. The children had remained well and so had their parents. I learnt that Ma gave me the strength and encouragement to do research and understand what is happening all around us. Then in 2021, I developed severe osteoarthritis and it affected my left hand. I am left handed. I learnt I am not alone and it is a part of ongoing life. I was so upset as I had to be so concerned about my hand. Well, I am doing it. Last but not least my book, “Prana Yoga” was translated into German, and it was complete.

I have learnt a lot from the Corona Virus. Please examine your lives and see all the wonderful things that have happened to you despite the Corona Virus.

Aim Hrim Klim


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