123 – How the corona virus changed me

Devi Mahatmyam

It is interesting how we all blame the other persons for spreading the Corona Virus. 2020 started and I went to apply for my Schengen visa. Nobody thought then that it was such a terrible virus. I got a call that no visas were being issued and therefore I could not go for my seminars. I was upset as I love giving seminars. Then the virus started spreading like wild fire. So little was known about this. Continue reading

Yoga Vidya – Europe’s leading Yoga Retreat Centre

Yoga Vidya is a nonprofit organization whose aim is to spread the knowledge (vidya) of holistic Yoga. Founded by Sukadev Bretz in 1992, Yoga Vidya now runs 4 ashrams, 100 Yoga centres in various cities and has trained more than 17.000 top-quality yoga teachers. This makes us Europe’s leading and largest yoga educational organization. We teach in the tradition of Swami Sivananda, welcoming people of all spiritual paths and traditions of yoga.

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Spiritual Decisions

How can you make decisions, from a spiritual point of view? Leela Mata, Yoga Master from Pennsylvania of Indian Origins,  speaks about: What is a spiritual decision? How do you decide? What does God have to do with it?

This is part of an interview with Sukadev and Leela Mata in Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany


Psychology of Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra

There is psychology in Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra. Yoga Vedanta and Tantra teach you, how to deal with the human mind.

Vedanta says:

  • Do not identify with your mind. You are not your mind. You are the Infinite, the Absolute, the Immortal. Learn to understand your mind so you can transcend it
  • Watch the workings of your mind – and go beyond it

Tantra says:

  • Mind is a manifestation of the Divine Mother. Worship the Divine Mother with all your being, including your emotions, thoughts and feelings
  • to control your mind, uplift your energies

Raja Yoga says:

  • Develop your mental powers (Vibhuti), learn to use them intelligently. But do not identify
  • Learn Concentration in daily Life. Life will be so much more fulfilling
  • Learn to quieten your mind. If your mind is completely silent, your Real Self will shine fourth.

Mind as the Source of Bondage and Liberation

A Vedanta talk: Mind can bind us and liberate us. Mind is the source of happiness and suffering. Swami Atmaswarupananda from Sivananda Ashram Rishikesh gives some hints how you can use your mind for higher experiences, and to transcend the mind in the end. Recording from a morning Satsang in Sivananda Ashram Rishikesh.


Spiritualise your Relationship

Yoga in daily life – Yoga in relationships. In this Yoga Podcast, Narayani and Nalini speak about how to live Yoga and  Spirituality in a longterm relationship. They share some personal experiences from their marriages and give precious insight. They don’t talk about Tantra Sex etc., but rather about developing respect and supporting each other. Nalini and Narayani are 2 female Yoga Teachers from Delhi and London – both teaching at Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany from time to time.


Find your Destiny

How do I find my destiny? This is a question, many Yoga students ask again and again. What is my task in life? In this Yoga Podcast, Leela Mata tells you that you yourself are creating your destiny. The essence: Be aware that you have a higher goal in life. Strive for this goal. From this higher goal you can have smaller goals. Leela Mata gives you precious advice in a nutshell.   Recording from Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany http://my.yoga-vidya.org


How to continue with Yoga Practice on a long-term basis?

A question of many sincere Yoga students: How can you continue with your Yoga Practice for many years? How can you stay motivated? In this Yoga Podcast, Narayani and Nalini give some very personal answers. Narayani lives in London, Nalini in Delhi. These two female Yoga Masters are teaching regularly in Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany . This Podcast is in English, and translated into German. It is a recording of an interview that Sukadev made with Narayani and Nalini during a Satsang afer Meditation in Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany.


Accepting Death and Mortality

Death is part of life. Nothing is sure accept death. How can one learn to accept death? How can one overcome the fear of death? Leela Mata, Yoga Master in Peaceful Valley Ashram Pennsylvania gives you precious insights and advice. This is part of an interview series with Sukadev and Leela Mata. This Yoga Audio Podcast is the Sound Track of a Yoga Video.  Recording in Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany.