133 – Words and how they affect us

Words which are endearing, loving, complimentary, affectionate, tender, and admiring are never forgotten. We remember when someone has commended us on a task we have accomplished. When we cook a meal for our loved ones, family and friends, the compliments we receive make us feel plain and simple good. We also remember when someone tells us how horrible it was.

Then there are words which are hurtful, and they stay with us. Consider these words, loathe, abhor, detest, despise, unable to stomach, recoil from, aversion. Say these words aloud, and what images come up. Every time we use a harsh word, our expression on our face changes, we breathe faster and there is turmoil in our system.

Equanimity and equilibrium

Swamiji said that words which generated feelings of repugnance and hatred had a seed in us. It stemmed from rejection or affection. When we express emotions of affection, attachment, devotedness, fondness, passion, we feel full and replete. Therefore when we pray and transfer our love to the deity, we are offering unconditional love. This leads to us being satisfied and we do not feel impoverished of emotions. We look at the universe with equanimity and equilibrium. We always come back to atmabhava. Look at others with neutrality and empathy.

Those harsh words of anger, rage and frustration then do not possess us, and we become sensitive to the needs of others. I remember my sister had a very ugly cat. Well she thought that the cat was a beauty. My aunt who was a very gentle person looked at the cat and flinched. It was a calico cat and had every colour imaginable in its coat. She said, “Oh what a lot of lovely colours there are in her coat. I like the different coloured eyes the best.” My sister was so happy. It was as if her cat had got a prize for being the most beautiful cat.

Aim Hrim Klim


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