060 – What is Atmabhava

Atmabhava is to see yourself reflected in another individual. How do we inculcate it in our daily life. We all see ourselves in our children and we are so elated about it. We connect with them, empathise with them, love them and of course the fact that they are our flesh and blood. We can see the reflection in our grand-children also.

See yourself reflected in others

Now we must apply this to everyone. To see yourself reflected in others, gives you a jolt. This feeling is called Atmabhava and its meaning is that you have love and compassion for everyone and see them as you see yourself. If we are able to cultivate this feeling consistently, we will perform our tasks effectively and without rancor. Again we come to the same topic. It is not about being obsessed it is about being aware. Awareness comes with detachment and neutrality. When you remain neutral, you are most productive as you give your best.

From the teachings of Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati.

Aim Hrim Klim