368 – Forgiveness

What do we know about forgiveness? It is a word used freely and frankly. We say sorry at the drop of a hat. Do we really feel sorry or is it just a word? How does one feel, when one says it. For most of us it is like saying have a nice day. If one says sorry with real emotion, then one will feel a change within oneself. Sorry is used in sarcasm, and it is expressed as a sneer.

Before the Navratri pujas, we observe the Shraddha. Shraddha means an act performed with faith and absolute sincerity in it. It is a ritual that one performs to pay homage to one’s ancestors (pitrs), especially one’s dead parents. It is intended to nourish, protect and support the spirits of the dead in their pilgrimage from the lower to the higher realms, preceding their incarnation and reappearance on Earth. In the Hindu sacred texts, it can be performed for all of the loved ones.

Sin is regarded as an impurity arising in one’s body as a consequence to one’s own evil deeds. It is an effect that can be neutralized through various practices that lead one’s own life into moksha or liberation. A liberated being is one who practices every deed with God’s grace. The main sins in Hinduism are lust, anger, greed, delusion, arrogance and miserliness.

Sinful acts are faults or mistakes

Papam (paap) is often used to describe sins in Hinduism as mentioned in the Vedas and Hindu scriptures. Punyam (punya) is the opposite of sins. It means to perform virtuous deeds. The repercussions of sinful acts or karma are faults or mistakes (apradha), worry or anxiety (chinta), impurities or imperfections (doshas), evil qualities (dhurta lakshan), immorality (adharma), demonic nature (asura sampatti), chaos or disorderliness (anrta), mental afflictions (klesha), sorrow (shoka), tamas and suffering.

How does one apply the principle of Shraddha in one’s life? Shraddha is faith and nothing can happen without faith. Faith is a beautiful quality of one’s consciousness. Appreciate beauty in every aspect of life. Become kinder and more tolerant. Connect with your inner self and you will find that your doubts and fears will be eliminated. Let your heart influence you. The grace of Shraddha makes the heart strong the heart will guide your mind. You will be able to forgive and to be forgiven.

We need to forgive ourselves to give ourselves to Krishna. Ch 18, Text 62. Gita. Krishna always stays in our heart as our friend, and he guides our wanderings through material existence. Ch 18, Text 61. Gita.

Aim Hrim Klim

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