378 – Colors and their importance at Navratri

Navratri means nine nights of worship. Nine colors are worn on nine different days.

White is the first color and it stands for peace and serenity. The Goddess Brahmacharini represents peace and serenity. She is depicted with a rosary in her right hand and a water pot in her left hand. Jasmine and white lotus are offered to her.

Red is the color of Goddess Kali. It denotes strength, power and fierceness. Goddess Chandraghanta is worshipped on the second day. Red is worn.

Blue is the color of Goddess Khushmanda and it is believed that she created the world with her smile. Her name means warm energy and the cosmic egg. Wearing blue will give one health and wealth on the third day.

Yellow is the color of Goddess Skandamata. Yellow is worn and turmeric is generously used on the fourth day for food, skin and in offering of prayers.

Green is the color of Goddess Katyayani. She defeated the demon and by wearing green on the fifth day one receives her protection and blessings.

Grey is the color of Goddess Kalaratri. She is the seventh form of Parvati and is considered the destroyer of all evil. Grey is worn on the sixth day.

Orange is the color of Goddess Shailputri and is celebrated with warmth, fire and energy.Orange is worn on the seventh day.

Peacock green, teal is the color of Goddess Siddhidhatri. This day is celebrated with seeking blessings for spiritual powers. Teal is worn on the eighth day.

Pink is the color of Mahagauri. She is worshipped as the incarnation of Durga and she is worshipped to be rid of all sufferings in life.Pink is worn on the ninth day.

The festival is celebrated with great happiness and fervour. It is a time of contemplation and developing heightened awareness. The Goddess is benevolent and forgiving. Her only demand is sincerity and pursuit of truth.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

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