401 – Freebies

Why is it that the more one spends, the more freebies one gets? I have always thought that the less one has, the more one should get.

It does not happen like that at all in real life. One buys one’s provisions on Amazon and then this pops up. Potatoes for one rupee, or some other crazy offer. Grapes for five rupees and this only flashes after one has bought a reasonable amount of stuff.

Here it is the time for Diwali, festival of lights and there are sales everywhere, just as one has them for Christmas and other joyous occasions. Buy two quilts and get the third one free. What if one has cash for only one quilt? How about it if one could work it out and share the goodies? Offers galore and only the ones who already have plenty can avail of them. Many would not go into an expensive store, where items are reasonably priced because it looks as if most things would be beyond one’s reach.

Having been brought up by a mother, who was always giving everything away, I have thought about this often. Why is it not possible for one to share the benefits?

I find that the offers are tempting and in these troubled times, the stores could do this also. It would not be a loss for them as they would sell more items, and they would reduce their karma.

Love, serve, give.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Victoria Strukovskaya on Unsplash

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