Yoga Vidya – Europe’s leading Yoga Retreat Centre

Yoga Vidya is a nonprofit organization whose aim is to spread the knowledge (vidya) of holistic Yoga. Founded by Sukadev Bretz in 1992, Yoga Vidya now runs 4 ashrams, 100 Yoga centres in various cities and has trained more than 17.000 top-quality yoga teachers. This makes us Europe’s leading and largest yoga educational organization. We teach in the tradition of Swami Sivananda, welcoming people of all spiritual paths and traditions of yoga.

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Create your destiny – Leela Mata speaks

You can create your destiny – this is what Swami Sivananda states in many of his books. Leela Mata is teaching in the tradition of Swami Sivananda. In this Yoga Podcast she shows you how you can create your Karma: From Thought comes Action, from Action comes Habit, from Habit comes Character, From Character comes Destiny. Learn to overcome thought habits and unconscious impulses. Use your discrimination and thus create your destiny by thinking and acting accordingly. Leela Mata is director of Peaceful Valley Ashram Pennsylvania . This Yoga Podcast is part of an interview series of Sukadev and Leela Mata. This recording was done in Yoga Vidya Meinberg, where Leela Mata is giving seminars on the theme “How to Create your Destiny”.


Accepting Death and Mortality

Death is part of life. Nothing is sure accept death. How can one learn to accept death? How can one overcome the fear of death? Leela Mata, Yoga Master in Peaceful Valley Ashram Pennsylvania gives you precious insights and advice. This is part of an interview series with Sukadev and Leela Mata. This Yoga Audio Podcast is the Sound Track of a Yoga Video.  Recording in Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany.