400 – Prana Shakti

The keys are there for all of us and they are waiting to be used. Once we have them, they are with us forever. Only our thoughts can steal them. Everything happens in tandem. If we use even one key and are genuine and sincere, we can be on the path of equanimity and harmony.

I am describing the Prana Shakti meditation. It is a beautiful visualization. It is taken from Tattwa Shuddhi, which is purifying of the elements. And the process remains the same. Purification of breath, sound, channels, chakras, and the symbol.

Visualize Prana Shakti as a Goddess in Red. Red is the color used as it is the color of the rising sun, which indicates the boons she can grant. Red is used because one’s lower nature is conquered. She has a loving smile. She is sitting on a red lotus in a red ocean. She is adorned with beautiful ornaments. She has six hands, and each hand is for your protection. Kneel before her, let your forehead touch the ground and she will enfold you in her compassion and blessings.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash

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