477 – How sensitive are we?

When we use the word sensitive, we apply it to ourselves. We know this refrain, I get hurt by rudeness, I am so surprised by their callousness and this list goes on and on. Sensitive is when we are sensitive to others feelings. We respect others and do not ignore them.

Have any of you experienced being ignored at a get together? It is called a pecking order and each one is looking over the shoulder to see who is important. It is part of our behavior and even today, many will say that they are type A personalities. Type A means that one is one centered and only thinks about one’s concern.

Let us examine our relationships. How do we behave with our loved ones? Do we take them for granted? Do we have lack of respect for them? In our work space, are we excessively polite to our superiors and unhelpful and rude to our subordinates. I am using these words intentionally, when our relationship fails, we must address this behavior. Do we respect our dear ones?

I have observed in many communities how tender they are to their children and this applies in all income groups. They address each other with Aap (you) which is formal and tum (you) which is informal. I had a maid who addressed our dog as Aap and called him Sir (Sahab). They also use the word Jaan, which means life for their dear ones.

Terms of endearment

Using terms of endearment helps us also. When we use these words, we feel good. Beta means son or daughter and Rajkumar means prince and Ranee is queen. I work with little children, between three and eight and I address them as either prince or queen and they love it. I am not advocating these terms in the workspace but a smile and praise are appreciated.

Give yourself the gift of sensitivity. The gift is when one is able to identify the feelings of others and those around them, either through their expression, body language or the words that they use communicating.

Sometimes I think I need a spare heart to feel all the things I feel. – Sanober Khan

Look at the Buddha. He is the epitome of compassion.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Andreas Haslinger on Unsplash

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