521 – Mother Cow and non-violent veganism


The Bhagwada Gita describes all the Upanishads as cows and the Supreme Lord Krishna as the cow herd boy and the devotee Arjuna as the calf. It is said that cows give milk only when there is affection for the calf. The cow has four udders, two are for the calf and two are for humans. The cow is described as one of the seven mothers of mankind in the Vedas.

The seven mothers are:

  1. The mother, who gives birth.
  2. The nurse at the time of birth.
  3. A brahmin’s wife.
  4. The queen.
  5. The spiritual master’s wife.
  6. The cow and she is called Go-Mata.
  7. The earth.

The great sage Valmiki said,

As the pious deeds of an intelligent person are never separated from him, the cow that awards happiness cannot be separated from me.

Mahatma Gandhi understood the veneration that Hindus had for the cow. The cow gave so much to humans. Mahatma Gandhi stopped drinking milk after learning of the cruel methods used to make cows give more milk. The practice was called Phooka or doom dev. It was a practice of introducing air or any substance into the female organ of a lactating animal which forces it to produce more milk. He said that milk was not a natural diet for man. He also stated that only humans continue to drink milk into adulthood. The mahatma defined vegetarianism as abstention from all animal products thus covering eggs and milk alike.

Mahatma ‘s motto of non-violence

When he was in South Africa, he was influenced by his friend and poet, Raychandbhai. He learnt that milk stimulates animal passion and since he wanted to take the vow of brahmacharya, he decided to give up all milk products. The Mahatma ‘s motto was non-violence and this was applied in every aspect of his life and diet. This motto inspired millions of people at the time of great violence. It is and remains the heart and concept of veganism.

Various studies have reinforced his views. The cow today is loaded with antibiotics in order to yield more milk and preservatives are added to it. Other than that, it can cause stomach and other problems. From an evolutionary perspective, milk and dairy products are not necessary for maintaining health. The estrogene in the cow’s milk can cause adverse effects.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. – Gandhi.

Each year, a single cow will belch about 220 pounds of methane. Methane from cattle is shorter lived than carbon dioxide but 28 times more potent in warming the atmosphere. – Mitloehner, air quality specialist.

Save Mother Earth, Bhu Devi and reduce the carbon footprints.

Aim Hrim Klim

The picture on the top is Bhu Devi.

Photo by Nick Page on Unsplash

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