532 – Utilize the palette of your senses

How we can we use our senses to appreciate our life? Our senses gather and respond and we notice the world around us. Our senses make us aware of the others in our world. We are not alone ever. Many of us as we age, think that we are invisible and that is because we are switching of the awareness of our senses.

What do the senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch bring to our mind? They enable us to understand ourselves and others. We are all on the same planet and must live in synergy. When we become abusive about the environment and destroy it with noise pollutants, plastic, bad air, impure water and violence our senses also get damaged. We have to restore the earth so that our senses can appreciate our habitat.

Quality of senses

Our eyes are a gift to us. With our vision we can change our perceptions. Look around you. See the sky anytime of the day, there are changes. Look at others as you see yourself. This is the magnitude of our specialized sense of sight.

Our ears connect with the sounds. Vision and hearing enhance our view. The surrounding sounds, combined with vision impact on us. Become selective in your hearing, shut the harsh sounds out and heed the gentle and musical sounds. Do not be reactive.

The sensation of touch, is wonderful. Stroking the petal of the Velvet flower, holding a rose in one’s hand, patting a child or a pet. Hugging a loved one and I can go on.

Smell arouses so many feelings in us. The aroma of spices in food reminds us of happy occasions. The fragrance of flowers brings to mind that summer is here. Breathing in the clean air on a mountain, and the whiff of a perfume restores memories.

What does taste do to us? When we are homesick, we recall our mother’s cooking and the taste comes in our mouth.

If we loose our senses

If one uses all of one’s senses, we can derive so much joy in our lives. Each of them is important to us. During covid, the senses of smell and taste were lost for many. Food tasted of saw dust and it isolated one. My cat returned after several weeks and she wrapped herself around my legs. I felt so elated and it was the touch, and now every morning she mews loudly so that I can give her milk warmed for thirty seconds and Meow.

I welcome her mew in the balcony, when she was not there I missed that sound. She also missed my voice. All of us must look in the moment for pleasure. It is so easy to ignore the sunrise and wish for the sunrise in Santorini.

We can go through life with lack of appreciation. It requires an effort on our part to use our senses and see our life as an ongoing painting. The senses are our palette, we just have to dip into them.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Kostiantyn Vierkieiev on Unsplash

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