532 – Utilize the palette of your senses

How we can we use our senses to appreciate our life? Our senses gather and respond and we notice the world around us. Our senses make us aware of the others in our world. We are not alone ever. Many of us as we age, think that we are invisible and that is because we are switching of the awareness of our senses. Continue reading

250 – Empower your child

Look into a mirror, it shows your reflection. If the mirror is cracked, it will reflect a cracked image. The mind of a child if it is disturbed or upset will reveal an unwholesome likeness. In order to enable the child to review her/him/self equably, we have to work on the process of one-pointedness. Continue reading

246 – Our eight senses

We have eight senses, and they all require prana management. Our five senses which we are familiar with are sight (vision), sound (hearing), smell (olfaction), taste (gustation), touch (tactile perception), and the three senses we are not so familiar with are vestibular (balance), prioceptive (movement) and introceptive (internal). Let us take a quick look at them. Continue reading