563 – Nyasa

Nyasa is derived from a tantric practice. Anga means main limbs or organs of the body like the toes, hips, knees, back, chest, shoulder blades and the head. Anga Nyasa is the installation of the Lord in the devotees own physical form.

All pujas start with this beautiful function. Specific portions of a mantra are chanted. There are seventy-two thousand nadis (subtle channels of prana) within one. All these nadi endings are at the tip of one’s fingers. As it is not possible to touch all the 72,000 nadis, one touches the fingertips to invoke the deity into our body.

Nyasa is the messenger of wisdom, the carrier of the ever-pure intelligence. She abides within the skin-touch, she connects the base centers with the face and all the senses and spreads throughout the brain. The second stage is placing the mind on different parts of the hand, called Kara Nyasa. Kara means hand, fingers, wrist etc.

The practice of rotation of consciousness, which is the basis of Yoga Nidra, is derived from Nyasa. This term of rotation of consciousness is used to describe in a sequential manner of bringing the mind to focus on a specific point in the body and drawing of the prana at that point. The correlation between Nyasa and Yoga Nidra is in the purpose to awaken oneself to one’s true consciousness. Bettina Stuetz.

Swami Satyananda is the creator of Yoga Nidra which is considered one of the greatest healings sadhanas.

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