605 – Stories about Ramanna Maharishi

Ramanna Maharishi was a gentle soul. He never reprimanded anyone and he did not preach about the Gods and religion. People felt his powerful spiritual presence when they had his darshan. The experience was like being born again.

Once when he was reclining on his couch, a peacock came into the hall. Gazed at him and performed a dance with his tail and feathers. It was a stunning performance. After he had finished his dance, the Maharishi said thank you to the peacock, and the peacock left.

There were a great many monkeys in the ashram. They visited Maharishi with their new born babies. News came that the monkey catchers were coming to catch the monkeys and they were going to sell them to laboratories in the west. Since the monkeys came daily to visit Maharishi, he told them that they must disappear as monkey catchers were coming to Tiruvanmalai.

They all left and when the monkey catchers arrived not a monkey was to be seen. They spent a couple of weeks and left without a single monkey. As soon as they left, the monkeys returned.

Maharishi could communicate with humans and animals with minimum interaction.

Aim Hrim Klim

Picture by G. G. WellingPublic Domain

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