604 – Look for bliss within

Kabir said,

Look for bliss within, not elsewhere.

Kabir invented the word ‘Avadhoo’, which means infinite, vast, expansive, boundary-less, unfathomable as ether. Avadhoo is also his name for the guru, when we pray to him. Avdhoota means one who does not wear any garments but in reality, is an individual who has stripped her/him/self-off all the layers of her/his mind—layers of delusions, ignorance, attachment, aversion and therefore one emerges as her/his true self.

Kabir claimed that one was ignorant to believe that one’s body was one’s temple. It is not true, one’s body is transient and so are one’s relationships, which one considers permanent. Only one’s true self is real. Avadhoo guides one back to the real self. He further goes on to describe Avadhoo as one who brings back the wandering souls. He sows the seed of seeking, kindles the fire to search for the true self and he bestows wisdom and reveals the truth.

External pleasures gratification does not leave one satisfied. One is tricked into imagining that one is content. One is always desiring more and the irony is that the ocean of bliss is within.

Avadhoo only enables one, when one turns inwards. The yogic sadhana makes the mind one pointed and then the clearance of ignorance and inertia happens. This then results in a steady path of deliverance, which can only occur when one is connected to the master.

One must remember that life is transient and the path of liberation leads to the Anahata (unstruck sound) within. It results in unconditional love, compassion and joy.

It is Sant Kabir Das’s Birthday today.

Aim Hrim Klim


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