621 – Save the universe

Dear ones, are you aware what is the gestation period of mammals. I am going to list it for you. Please take the time to read it and then think of how we can save them and ourselves.

Alpaca: 345 days
American Bison: 285 days
Antelope: 165 days
Antelope Sable: 270 days
Baboon: 185 days
Black Bear: 220 days
Bear (Polar): 241 days
Bactrian Camel: 420 days
Cattle: 287 days
Chimpanzee: 250 days
Deer: 284 days
Dolphin (bottle nosed): 364 days
Donkey: 426 days
Elephant (Asian): 617 days
Elephant (African): 655 days
Gibbon: 220 days
Giraffe: 430 days
Gorilla: 260 days
Humans: 280 days
Hippopotamus: 250 days
Horse: 342 days
Langur: 183 days
Llama: 330 days
Macaque: 175 days
Marmoset:152 days
Monkeys (rare species): range from 150 – 196 days
Moose: 250 days
Orangutan: 234 days
Orca: 567 days
Porpoise: 270 days
Rhinoceros: 478 days
Seal: 330 days
Tapir: 379 days
Tiger: 113 days
Walrus: 456 days
Whales: maximum 590 days
Yak: 255 days
Zebra: 390 days

What are we doing about it?

We are draining the resources of Mother Earth and there is a shortage of food for the big creatures, since we are devouring their food. Do you know that krill, the staple food of whales is in short supply? Who is to blame but us? Krill has the highest level of Omega 3 and we must have it to enjoy longevity and good health. Have you ever seen a dead penguin, which died of starvation? I have in Argentina, because we have out fished the ocean. They eat krill, sardine, anchovies, squids, and fishes. Their favorite food is krill, squids and fishes. All the fish restaurants tempt us with fresh catch.

We grow almonds because they are good for us, but they need a great deal of water for their cultivation. California is going dry and there are more forest fires. Poachers are killing the big beasts; dynamite is being used to catch fish. Hunters are paying enormous amounts for shooting bears, elephants, rhinos and lions. The rainforest cover is shrinking, and each gorilla needs nine to fourteen square miles. We are destroying the habitat by planting palms for their oil.

What can we do?

We can start thinking more about the earth and reduce our carbon footprints. We are composed of five elements, earth, water, fire, air and ether and so is our cosmos. By purifying our elements within us, it is possible to save ourselves, and save the universe. Purification leads to heightened awareness and atmabhava.

Aim Hrim Klim


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