626 – Parental Love

I watched a documentary on Penguins. I learnt so much from it, that I felt that I should share with you. They have a very strong sense of commitment to their chicks (baby penguins). Let me begin from the beginning.

Male penguins are in charge of the eggs. A group of penguin chicks form a creche and this is created when the parents are not around and since they are huddled together, they stay warm. One or two adult parents stay back and watch the chicks in the creche and keep them safe from predators. Male penguins build the nest and protect the eggs and even sit on them to keep them warm. Female penguins go in search of food and bring food for the chicks and the incubating dad.

What is amazing is that the chicks do not want to leave the Mum (food delivery service). They are pushed out by the mother. She keeps pushing them and they try to return to where they get food on the table. They are determined and the mother is equally determined and finally they head for the sea. It is amazing to learn how mother earth takes care of all the creatures which inhabit the earth.

What can we learn from this?

We as parents must share in the role of bringing up our children. Children have to be nurtured and their inner core is to be reinforced by love and affection. One never hears of an irresponsible and selfish penguin. The penguin parents claim full responsibility for the off springs. In fact, we are the ones who can think and speak. We have attained the human form, through millions of rebirths. Many of us who are overcome by the claws of possession and wealth forget this and we then return to be reborn as some insignificant creature.

We can also learn to love all children and treat them as we do our own. Take a page from the penguin chick rearing book. I am not advising, all I am saying is that all kids are lovely and responding with empathy to them, will make them and us aware human beings.

Every child comes with a message that God is not yet discouraged of man. – Rabindranath Tagore

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Danielle Barnes on Unsplash

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