629 – Liquid Sunshine


Shattering the bounds of space
Came the rain;
The hills are rent
And the waters burst and leap and sweep in a mad race.
The wind beats like a fiend of pain;
The world reels and is bent
Lightning leaps in a clap,
And the sea
Dashes its main against Heaven’s dome;
The clouds break and rumble
The wind tears at the sky as a trap
And the sky beats a tattoo and laughs in a mad spree
The corners of space crumble
Oh, the mighty rain
The universe quivers and shakes
And lo the snake
That bears the earth, hoods uplifter, springs again
Space hills leap
And in the sky, tumult of the Devas breaks
Into a mad sports where live flames crash awake
Behold time and the elements dance in a sweep
Oh, the rain, the wondrous rain.

Translation Tamil Poet. Subramaniyam Bharathi.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Marc Kleen on Unsplash

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