630 – Follow your Guru

Your inner Guru is located in your heart, in the Hyrdaya. It is said that one’s consciousness resides there. How does one awaken consciousness? One’s consciousness is awakened with the blessings of the Guru. One’s Guru is always with one and he/she is like the guiding star.

My interaction with my Guru, Swami Satyananda Saraswati started in an extraordinary manner. I had severe pain in my wrists and was 27 years old. I had twin sons, who were 2 years old, and it was so hard as my left wrist hurt and I am left-handed. I also had a cat and with three of them trailing me all the time, it was hard. I would be in the kitchen and all three would be behind me. The cat had come before the kids, and she was very well behaved. Only she would sit right behind me.

Pawan Mukta Asana

One day it all became too much, and I was desperate as my left wrist was really hurting. A friend came to see me and when she saw my state, she said that she would take me to the Ashram. So, I went with her and met Swamiji. He told me that I should practice Pawan Mukta Asana. I was given a teacher and I started learning.

I went every day and within seven days my pain had gone. The teacher, who taught me was an American and she was one of the best teachers. Then Swamiji said that I should become a Yoga teacher. I was given a to one class; I had access to the library, and I spent the day in the ashram. I was transformed as I could cope with my life and somehow, I found a help, who stayed with my kids until I returned. Even then I did not understand the meaning of a Guru.

I knew that I was happy to be in his presence and I would go anytime and ask a question. He had daily satsang and I would listen and ask him silly questions like why did some of us become fat after doing Yoga? He said that one’s body shape changed with Yoga, and one assumed one’s actual shape. When I asked about being fat, I meant that one gained a little weight. At 27, a few pounds gained meant a great deal.

Then it dawned upon me I had found my Guru and I asked for mantra diksha. I did not ask for a name change as my name means lotus. My mother, who was a Sanskrit scholar, believed in giving us names which would influence us. When we sat in satsang, each one of us came out joyous as all our questions were answered.

Awakening of awareness and consciousness

Initially when we went to Munger, where my husband was working, I was very upset as I wanted to go back to work. I had worked in an advertising agency before in Chennai, and in Munger there was nothing to do. Not that I did not have plenty to do at home. The first one year I was not aware of the Bihar School of Yoga. Once I started going to the ashram, I found purpose in my life, and all this happened without being aware of it. My awareness and consciousness were awakened.

Then it was time for us to leave and we were going back to Chennai. I was so sad. When I went to bid farewell, Swamiji told me that I should practice Pawan Mukta Asana daily. I thought to myself, why should I practice Pawan Mukta Asana, when I could do all the lovely advanced asanas.

Goodbye and Hello

Well, I was not mindful of his wisdom, and I continued with my advanced sadhanas. I kept going back to attend new courses and I was well. When I was 55, I found that one fine day I could not sit in Padma asana and then later on neither could I do any inverted, forward and backward bending asanas. My arthritis had returned. It was Goodbye Surya Namaskar, Shir Asana and Chakra Asana and Hello Pawan Mukta Asana. Several years later, I had to have surgery for a tumor at the base of the spine. So, sitting on the floor, even cross legged was not practical.

And you know what came back to me what Swamiji had said, daily practice of Pawan Mukta Asana. I have taught PMA to so many students and it has transformed their lives. PMA raised one’s awareness, unblocks one prana and is a silent visual meditation. It was like coming back full circle, sometimes one can only understand what one’s Guru said much later. I am thankful that it was revealed to me, and I can continue with my teaching of Prana Healing and meditation sadhanas from the Tantras.

Look into your heart and find your Guru.

Aim Hrim Klim


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