642 – Worship of Gau Mata

Why we worship Gau Mata?

Greatness of Gau Mata (Mother Cow) is associated with Aditi, the mother of all Gods in the Hindu Scriptures.
The Vedas with their six limbs, pada (foot) and krama (to go step by step) reside in the mouth of the Cow.
Hari and Keshava reside on the horns. Hari and Keshava are Vishnu’s names.
Skanda resides on the belly. Skanda is the first born of Shiva.
Brahma resides on the head.
Shankara resides on the forehead.
Indra resides on the tip of the horn of the Cow. Indra is the king of the devas and heaven.
The Ashwins reside in the ears. Ashwins are twin gods associated with medicine, health, dawn and the sciences.
Sun and moon reside in the eyes.
Garuda resides in the teeth. Garuda is the mount of Vishnu.
Saraswati resides in the tongue of the Cow.
All the sacred places remain in the anus.
Ganges resides in the urine.
The sages reside in the pores of the skin.
Yama resides on the backside of the face of the Cow.
Kubera and Varuna reside on the right side. Kubera is the God of wealth and nature spirits.
Yakshas reside on the left side. Yakshas are male nature spirits.
Gandharvas reside on the center. Gandharvas are members of a class of celestial beings.
The celestial nymphs reside on the hind parts of the hoof of the Cow. They are called Gandharvis.
The all-auspicious Lakshmi resides in the cow-dung and cow urine.
Those who move in the sky reside on the tip of the feet.
Prajapati lives in the bellowing sound. Prajapati is the lord of the creatures.
The full four oceans reside in the udders of the cow.

Padma Purana—Srishti Khanda 48.156—48.166.

Last but not least Devi Umiya who is described as a folk deity, is the mother incarnation of Lakshmi, Saraswati and Kali. She is poised on the sacred cow.

When we read the description of Gau Mata (Mother Cow), we can understand why she is worshipped and venerated.

Aim Hrim Klim


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