643 – Three steps

There are three steps for the spiritual sadhana, in our lives. It is according to our temperament, and each one of us finds a spiritual practice, which is suitable for us.

One has to understand the gunas. If one belongs to the state of Tamo Guna, then one is starting from a state of laziness and lethargy. Start the daily practice of Asanas. If one belongs to the state of Rajo guna, then one is starting from a state of dynamism and materialism. Become aware of one’s ego and ambition. If one belongs to Sattva guna, then the journey begins from one’s doorstep. One is in touch with oneself and is conscious of performing the right actions.

Everyone cannot have the same sadhana. So, one has to discover at what stage one is? After that one has to find the vehicle, and the vehicle is the body. One has to find one’s Prana Shakti and conserve one’s prana. This is only possible by becoming aware of the subtle breath, which is the prana in one’s breath.

The simplest way is to start by listening to chants, attending Satsang, reading the scriptures and chanting a specific mantra daily. One must stay with the mantra and not change it. Mantras like Hrim, Aum, Srim or Klim are suitable. The mantra is repeated with mind and the breath. The rotation and the repititon of the mantra with the breath minimizes the mental wavelength, it tranquillizes the mind. It brings the dormant and suppressed karmas to the surface.

Do not suppress any thoughts. A mala is used for the process. Always hold the mala with right hand, between the thumb and the middle finger. Never cross Sumeru, the large bead. Let the thought process and japa process continue at the same time. Do not force the thoughts to stop, they must cease spontaneously. Only be aware of the mantra and your breath.

Now seek a symbol, it can be a star, a god or a flower. The symbol becomes your inner guide. Your inner guru is the symbol. When this happens, you are ready to begin meditation.

Aim Hrim Klim


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