658 – Glorious Hope

I am eagerly waiting to see that boy of Vrindavan whose bodily beauty is captivating the whole universe, whose eyes are always bounded by black eyebrows and expanded like lotus petals, who is always eagerly glancing over His devotees and therefore moving slightly here and there.

From Bilvamangala Thakur the author of Krishna-karnamrita, a work in Sanskrit and which means nectar to the ears. In this book hope is expressed through out as the desire to see a visitation of Krishna.

When oh when shall I see that young boy Krishna, the unchallenged king of those who are exquisitely beautiful, and when shall I experience along with that vision the flooding nectar of His flute’s sound endowed with the topmost musical embellishments?

When will that child Krishna adorned with peacock plumes, soothe and cool our eyes with a vision of his moonlike face, imbued with gentleness by the trickling honey of his tender smiles.

O moonlike Krishna, please soothe and cool my eyes with your sidelong glances, tinged with mercy; with the magnificences of your childhood, touched by youth; and with your wondrous playfulness which nourishes the whole universe.

God ever true, we faint with despair. Source of all treasure, grant to us hope of blessings to come. Subdue the malevolent spirits that haunt, the kindly awaken. Grant to us hope of blessings to come.

Rig Veda, 29,1—2;4 1222. There are more than three hundred hymns dedicated to Goddess Hope in the Rig Veda.

Aim Hrim Klim


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