676 – Tears and smiles

Dear ones, I believe in miracles. There are miracles happening all around us, but do we pause in our activities and look at the unceasing magic in the air. I am not going to give examples as you all know what I am writing about.

This morning I read my newspaper and I read the most wonderful news. Usually it is filled with disaster, doom, and death. I came across this story. A one-and-a-half-year-old child accompanied by her parents was on a flight from Delhi to Bangalore. Earlier she had had a very complicated heart surgery and was on the mend. Those of you who have had children, who were sick and needed medical help, know how much suffering it is for the parents to see their baby, getting blood tests and other procedures.

Babies’ veins are very difficult to find and often they ask the mother to leave the room. I know so much because one of my sons, was suffering from a life-threatening illness as a baby. I used to weep because he was so frail and tiny. It was an unnerving experience. This little girl was well and then on the flight she stopped breathing. Can you imagine the distress for the parents? They alerted the cabin crew, and guess what on the flight there were five top surgeons, who had come to Delhi to attend a conference. One of them was a cardiac surgeon, highly specialized and between them they saved the little girl.

In Tantra, we say that we are given only a certain number of breaths for our life, and it is up to us how we breathe. This little girl will be blessed with a long life.

Aim Hrim Klim


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