675 – Equals

Shiva and Parvati had an equal relationship, so why is it that it cannot be emulated by the human and animal species. I am so cross about what happened this morning.

I woke up and looked out to the balcony. I saw my adopted, outside cat, Lulu Lola sitting and with her, her guide and mentor, Shani. To refresh your memories, he is a huge black Bombay cat, who was abandoned by his owners and he came to the address where Meow was given three times a day. The address is mine and since both my husband and I were overwhelmed by his good looks, we named him Shani.

That is not all, after that there were fights and caterwauling which disrupted the quiet of the night. So, I chased him away and even threw water on him. It had no effect and he was determined to chill out on my balcony. Of course, my husband was conveniently not involved and he just laughed. After that, Shani ignored me and continued to sit on my balcony ledge. Looking at me, while I work. Now Lulu Lola took to calling him and I would put her food for her in the bowl and go inside. He would come and eat and then ‘push off. Today, I bid him ‘Good Morning, ‘and put the food in the bowl. My greetings transformed him, he went to the bowl and since he has a big head, it covers the bowl. Lulu tried to edge in and he slapped her. I was so shocked at the ingratitude, anyways I brought another bowl and gave Lulu food.

My story is that females are suppressed and violence is used to subjugate them. I am not writing a rant, but what shocked me was how needy Lulu was for Shani’s company and protection. This also applies to so many of us. However competent and accomplished a woman is, she can be undermined so easily by comments like that she is not a good mother or she is not house proud. She may earn more than her partner but when she comes home, she is the worker bee. In the animal world, we can see it in the case of large cats, and other big animals. The cheetah can have six little ones and when she seeks a prey, if she does not get it, she has to rest. She has exhausted the capacity of her lungs. If she keeps running after the prey, she will die.

The aftermath of Covid has led to domestic abuse and intolerance. We have not learnt anything and many of us have become aggressive and intolerant. We should actually thank the higher powers for not being seriously affected by the epidemic.

There are stories in the Puranas, which tell us that the cosmic couple had an equal marriage and relationship. They are bound to each other as Prakriti and Purush. They cannot survive without each other. Yet Parvati would fly into rages when Shiva did not bring food to the table or give her a decent home. Also, when he cheated at cards, she took his tiger skin away. I am not comparing ourselves to the Gods, but why is it that all females have to bear the brunt of rearing the young in most cases. It is easier to keep the home fires burning than to be a fulltime caregiver.

Give it a thought, we must empower ourselves. To empower ourselves we must have self-worth, right to determine choices, equal opportunities and resources, right to control their own lives, and influence the direction of social change.

What I have found that becoming aware and detached, empowers one. Practicing a daily sadhana enables one not to challenge one’s thoughts and clarity is gained in order for one to pursue a harmonious life.

Pawan Mukta Asana is one set of practices which transforms one and I have seen it before my own eyes, in my students. It involves visualization, the practice of ujjayyi pranayama and concentration. The sadhana balances the subtle breath (prana), which then removes the conflict in one’s mind. One is energized and one’s self image changes and then one is free from fear.

Aim Hrim Klim


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