685 – The essence of magic in Sadhana

Magic is life. Where there is magic, there is life, the two cannot be separated. They shadow each other’s nature, reflect each other faces, centers and moods. The echoes of a word shouted in anger, the warmth left behind by the touch of skin, the traceries of breath, these are all lingering concepts we loosely define as ‘magic’.

And in this new time magic is no longer of the vine and the tree. Magic now focuses itself where there is most life, and that life burns neon. – R.J. Bakkar

This refers to Sphota, bursting open and flashing in the heart and mind according to Mantra Sadhana.

An interesting definition of magic. My dear ones, when we think of magic, we think of the magicians of our childhood, Houdini and many others. However, magic is the opening of a bud, of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, of a snake shedding its skin, of an ugly duckling turning into a swan. Many of us wish for some magic to happen in our lives. We do not realize that we are the creators of the magic which exists within us. How do we perceive it? It happens to us when we become self-aware and observant. Most of us have been involved in the pursuit of consumable materialism and trapped by our sensory perceptions. Once we awaken our conscientiousness, we see magic everywhere.

The sunrise, the sunset, falling and flying stars, the rainbow in a raindrop is all visible to us in this detached state. Our next step is to walk on the sacred trail. The track is chockablock with obstacles, temptations and disturbances. The temptations are many and they can be heightened powers of intuition and prediction, healing and cursing. Many consider this magic, but these are distractions of Maya (illusions) to grab us from our goal.

Essentials in human life

Walking the spiritual path is the true meaning of magic. Swami Satyananda said give up feeling disturbed and be content with whatever you have received from God. Get up in the morning, remember God for some time, do satsang: these are essential in human life.

However, what you desire from the spiritual path, you will not attain through human effort. You will not attain that result though any amount of hard work that you put in. You will get that only if He wishes to give it to you. If He feels like it, you will receive it. If He does not wish it, you will not receive it. No one has any right or control over this process. No one even knows what God’s grace is. If He wishes he will give you an experience, a darshan or vision, or a spiritual life. Otherwise, you can go flailing your arms and legs; nothing is going to happen.

After your vision, you are in the realms of His world. This is the essence of magic in Yogic Sadhana.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by R. Merlijn on Unsplash

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