697 – Nasadiya Suktam – Translation

There was nothing and no signs of life. No air and no heavens. What was the blanket, no earth, no ground. It was a void less umbra. There was no water and the depths were fathomless. There was neither breath nor death. No gleam of light.

Then one day there was Breath without wind, and it was self-sustaining. It was the One. Who or what was the One? Was the One eternally there. Then came the darkness and this darkness was wrapped in darkness. It was water without illumination. Then the One enveloped in nothing arose born of the heat. From heat came desire and the primal seat of the mind was born.

The sages were created, and they also do not know the story of the creation. They stretched their minds and feel that they know what is below and what is underneath. Then the desire led to procreation. The Gods came after the birthing. No one knows how the genesis happened.

The process of evolution

There are other explanations also. The One was dormant and was suddenly awakened. Is it self-awareness that we are referring to and the heat can be called Tamas which lead to desire? Desire was awakened and action occurred. The sages were conscious of the first seed of the mind. It remains to be said that nobody could describe the process of evolution.

Nasadiya Suktam is 3,000 years old. We must look at it with a fear free mind. Contemplate on the darkness and the void. Close your eyes. What do you see? An eclipse, friendly pitch black, obsidian black or gothic black. It can be a frightening darkness or the darkness of comfort we imagine in our mother’s womb. Desire awakens, it is subtle and we are aware how our desire influences us. Let us overcome our desire through heightened self-awareness. After all the oldest hymn is dedicated to becoming free from fear.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Justin Dickey on Unsplash

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