696 – Nasadiya Suktam, pt. 2

Part 2 of the Hymn of Creation.

10. From that Sacrifice, the Cosmic offering,
Issued forth Rcas (individual stanzas) and Sama-hymns;
From that were born rhythmic meters,
From that also Yajus came.

11. From that were horses born, and animals
With two rows of teeth;
Therefore, were kine generated,
From that came forth goats and sheep.

12. When the Purusa was divided thus,
How many divisions did they make?
What is it they called his mouth, what his arms,
What his thighs and feet?

13. The Brahmanas were his mouth,
The Rajanaya made of his two arms;
His thighs came to be the Vaisya,
From his two feet was the Sudra born.

14. The Moon arose from his mind,
And the sun came out of his eye;
From his mouth arose Indra and Agni,
While his breath gave rise to Vayu.

15. From the navel was retained Mid-region,
While heaven was sustained from his head;
From his feet the Earth, from ear the directions,
The worlds were conceived thus.

16. Of this thence were the seven barriers,
And thrice sevenfold fire was made;
When Gods had the sacrifice prepared,
With Purusa as the sacrificial beast.

17. With Sacrifice thus the gods sacrificed,
And thence were revealed the first Ordinances;
The virtuous attain the highest region,
Wherein dwell gods, the sacrificers of old.

Please enjoy reading the rest of this Suktam on Creation and try to visualize it verse by verse. Read Nasadiya Suktam—Hymn of Creation, pt.1.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Bryan Goff on Unsplash

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