709 – Spite

Seemingly unwarranted and surely undeserved,
Spite is needless animosity that makes one unnerved.
Sarcastic words with no valid reason
Said in vicious tones leave the bond undone,
Sever the friendship with the loss of harmony
Some people perfect it with skills at mockery
Spite is a venom some can mask easily.

Cynthia Buhain-Baello

Alas, alas why should one be spiteful? Is it our desire to intentionally hurt someone? Have we no fear of karma? Do we sometimes cut off our nose to spite our face? The meaning is that we hurt ourselves more by being vindictive to someone else. In moments of anger, we forget and that is why my dear one’s, practicing the balancing pranayama we will be able to reduce our malice and spite. What is the balancing pranayama? Just breathe in, pause, breathe out, and pause. The pause enables us to be self-aware and the control of our mind lessens on our destructive thoughts.

Aim Hrim Klim


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