053 – Children and raising them

As parents and caregivers we are concerned about our children. We are overly worried, as to how others will perceive them and it will reflect upon us that we are not good at parenting. We also tend to inflict on our children, the values instilled in us by our parents. I am speaking from my own experience. I was not a perfect parent and I would catch myself sounding like my mum or dad. Continue reading

030 – Our baggage

I am coming back to the subject of feelings, emotions, experiences, traumatic events and mishaps. We are all loaded with this baggage. We are like donkeys carrying enormous loads on either side. We can barely walk as the past is dragging us and intervening in our thoughts and actions. I am aware that we cannot change our thinking overnight. Continue reading

025 – Our heart rules our head

This saying is said in a very derogatory manner. If you are gentle, you are called soft hearted, if you are afraid, faint hearted, if you feel for the deprived, you are a bleeding heart. What we tend to forget is that our soul resides in our heart. Our soul is pure and we can be evil incarnate but our soul remains pure. Continue reading

013 – Can we control the wind?

How do we control Prana? Can we control the wind?
Attempting to controlling our mind, makes us plunge in a constant war with ourselves. What should we do?

We work on purifying the elements of our body and mind. We attempt to unblock the Ida and Pingala nadi, so that the Sushumna nadi can flow. Once the Sushumna nadi flows, our chakras are unblocked. Continue reading