712 – Nine Days of worshipping Ma

Dear Ones, yesterday was the start of the festival of nine days of worship of the Mother Goddess. Forgive me for being slow as I had to have an emergency gall bladder surgery. I am back home now. Slow and careful and no sadhana other than meditation.

October 15th is the day for Shailaputri, and her color is pink. Pink represents joy, happiness and enthusiasm. Think ahead and what are your plans. Today Mother gifts your freedom to choose.

October 16th is the day for Brahmacharini and her color is white. She practiced penance for five thousand years, in this time she was celibate as she was waiting for Shiva, her other half. White is connected to celibacy and purity. Pray to her and be blessed with prosperity, knowledge and wisdom.

October 17th is the day for Chandraghanta and red is her color. It is the color of courage. Ask to be blessed with courage.

October 18th is the day for Kushamanda and her color is orange. Orange represents energy and power. Goddess is the source of light so this color is purely dedicated to her. Worship of Kushmanda will fill your life with light.

October 19th is the day for Skandamata and her color is yellow. She holds Kartikeya in her lap. She is the divine mother and loves to wear yellow. Yellow represents her nurturing nature. Pray to her and ask that we all remain nurturing persons and be nurtured by her.

October 20th is the day for Katyayani and her color is maroon. Maroon represents dedication and will power. Her devotees are blessed with their desired wish and fulfillment.

October 21st is the day for Kaalratri, and her color is dark blue. She is prayed to be rid of all enemies and negative influence.

October 22nd is the day for Mahagauri and her color is green. She purifies the heart and soul, and her devotees are blessed with marital happiness and wellbeing.

October 23rd is the day for Siddhayatri and her color is beige. Beige represents clarity and peace. She brings clarity in life, grants understanding to the meaning of life and spirituality.

Dear ones, be honest and pure of heart. The Divine Mother is there for us and she resides in our heart. She knows what we desire.

Aim Hrim Klim

One thought on “712 – Nine Days of worshipping Ma

  1. Dear Dr Nalini,
    Thank you for your informative and heartwarming posts.
    Also, thank you for taking time when you are not well.
    I wish you a speedy recovery:
    Om Tryambakam Yajāmahe
    Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam
    Urvārukamiva Bandhanān
    Mrityor Mukshīya Māamritāt

    All the best

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