712 – Nine Days of worshipping Ma

Dear Ones, yesterday was the start of the festival of nine days of worship of the Mother Goddess. Forgive me for being slow as I had to have an emergency gall bladder surgery. I am back home now. Slow and careful and no sadhana other than meditation. Continue reading

584 – Prayer on Mother’s Day

Cry to your Mother Syama with a real cry, O mind!
And how can she hold herself from you?
How can Syama stay away?
How can your mother, Kali hold herself away?
O mind if you are in earnest, bring her an offering
Of bel-leaves and hibiscus flowers;
Lay at her feet your offering
And with it mingle the fragrant sandal-paste of Love. – Ramakrishna Parmahamsa

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557 – Meditation on Devi

In the mudra of granting what you desire.

The mantra for granting our heart’s desire is from Saundarya Lahiri – Verse 3.

Jadaanaam Chaitanya tabaka-makaranda-sruti-jharee;
Daridraanam chintaa manigunanikaa janmajaladhau
Nimagagaanam damshtraa muraripu-varaahasya bhavati.

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188 – Devi Ma and International Women’s Day

Swami Sivanananda respected all women and treated them as reflections of the Devi Ma. He conducted no formal worship of the Mother Goddess. A venerated scholar from South India visited Swami Sivanananda’s ashram. He was overwhelmed by the spirituality, piety and beauty of the ashram. He said to Swami Sivanananda that the spiritual wealth and vibrance were the blessings of Tripura Sundari. Continue reading

025 – Our heart rules our head

This saying is said in a very derogatory manner. If you are gentle, you are called soft hearted, if you are afraid, faint hearted, if you feel for the deprived, you are a bleeding heart. What we tend to forget is that our soul resides in our heart. Our soul is pure and we can be evil incarnate but our soul remains pure. Continue reading